Preparation of Wedding Videography

A wedding, being a once-in-a-lifetime event, requires that the maximum videographer be careful and vigilant at all times. Resilience of the base are not the only tools required by a videographer. The video must be in many different places at the same time in a marriage! The wedding ceremony and reception take time and a good ability to manage resources by the videographer.

If the videographer covering the event only, then we must be careful, because it will be to manage the cameras on their own. You will need proper planning so that nothing is left uncovered.

If the videographer is a friend of the bride and groom, you would think that they will be able to cover the event, in addition to participating in the ceremonies as a guest. However, videographers, experts say it is very likely that you will be working almost all the time and did not really enjoy the event as a guest.

If you have been asked to cover the wedding of a friend or relative and have no idea where to start, you could probably pick up some tips from veteran videographers.

Preparation of wedding videography means attending rehearsals, planning on how to capture the key moments and decide the placement of the cameras.

Develop a program or checklist of how to cover the event. This should include things you need to do before marriage, how to organize the relevant cameras and equipment in advance.

The program should also include how you intend to cover events such as the groom and the bride is always ready, the groom and the bride arrives at the headquarters, and the wedding ceremony.

If you are using a two-shoot camera, you could shoot the wedding procession from the bride's side of the aisle to the altar steps. After the arrival of the bride, the best place for you to move behind the camera would be the officiant. For this, you must coordinate with the officiant at the time of trial.

Shots taken at the wedding
It will also favor the first time videographer to remember some key shots that must be covered, some of which are the arrival of the wedding, the bride's entrance, dance, cake-cutting, book signings and guests split. A re-enactment of the ring ceremony can also be staged.

Seasoned videographers also advise the first time videographers to keep on hand all the time for the preparation of equipment in the church before the arrival of the wedding party. There's never enough time in the wedding party can arrive early and your equipment may not be ready to cover the proceedings.

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