Accutane - Acne Myths

A powerful drug that treats acne, Accutane is quite popular among those who suffer from a severe acne condition. Accutane is usually used for the treatment of cystic acne but is never really given to individuals who have mild acne breakouts. Before you decide on what to do with those pimples though, it is best to learn more about the skin condition. Often, we base our conclusions on things we see on commercials or unreliable data we read online and this usually involves believing in what one would call a myth. Here are the most popular myths about acne:

Acne Myth #1 Washing your face often enough will get rid of acne
Your pimples aren't caused by dirt. In fact, frequent washing of the face may even irritate the skin but the question is, what causes pimples? The pores sticking together is one of the major reasons why you get pimples.

Acne Myth #2 Too much stress can cause acne
It is true that being under too much stress affects one's hormones but did you know that certain psychiatric drugs can cause acne? If you are stressed out and taking antidepressants, the stress you are going through isn't what's causing your acne breakouts.

Acne Myth #3 The sun cures acne
Sun exposure is beneficial for us to get that much needed Vitamin D. However, sun exposure after 9 in the morning will only cause skin damage. Aside from causing wrinkles and sunburn, too much sun exposure may lead to skin cancer.

Acne Myth #4 What you eat can either stop breakouts or cause them
Although diet is connected to a number of health conditions or disappearance of such conditions, experts say that there is still a need for hard evidence to prove this theory. It doesn't hurt to eat healthy though but do not count on it to get rid of your acne.

Acne Myth #5 Sex causes acne
This myth is an age-old one when people from the 17th century wanted to discourage pre-marital sex.
If you think your acne could no longer be treated with topical treatments, asking your dermatologist if you are eligible to use Accutane is a good idea. Make sure however that you read more about Accutane before you start using it - some people are more sensitive to drugs than others and getting an allergic reaction won't help you at all.

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