Eddie Murphy Considered a Front Runner to Host Oscars

hen next year's Oscars take place on February 26, 2012, there is a good chance that the host for the evening will be none other than Eddie Murphy. You remember Eddie Murphy, right? Murphy, of course, was perhaps the most celebrated comedian of the 1980s and early 1990s, after soaring to fame as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Murphy starred in such 1980s classics as Beverly Hills Copy, 48 Hours and Trading Places, along with some others that didn't quite reach "classic" status. But even as Murphy transitioned into more family-friendly roles like the Nutty Professor, Dr. Doolittle, and eventually the Shrek series, he's remained relevant because of his influence on the leading comedians of today.

From Chris Rock to Howard Stern, almost every successful comedian today will point to Eddie Murphy as one of the all-time great comedic talents. In terms of stand-up comedians, Murphy is considered by many to be the best to ever take the stage. His two feature-length stand-up films, Delirious and Raw, are still among the most popular stand-up routines of comedy fans.

The issue with Eddie Murphy is that few have seen him take the stage to perform over the last two decades. There is no doubt that Murphy has more than enough comedic talent to carry the Academy Awards. He could get by on doing voices and characters alone and have the viewing audience in stitches. But the Academy is always trying to strike that perfect balance between funny and entertaining, while still observing some sense of decorum and respect for the "craft." From that perspective, Murphy would seem to be a perfect fit. I know I'll tune in if he's the host.

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