Rubber Band Magic Tricks

Magic is about creating an illusion. It's a world of make believe, which uses simple hand tricks to put on a spectacular show. Magic tricks are very easy to learn, once you get the hand maneuvers. The greatest magicians of all time, Houdini, David Blaine, Chris Angel do not know anything supernatural. They only know the power of illusion. To begin with, rubber band magic tricks are great. They are simple and thus, easy to learn. Once you get these right, you can upgrade to perform complex magic tricks. As they say, practice makes man perfect. So, before you begin, do not lose hope.

Cool Magic Tricks Revealed

Jumping Rubber Band

In this magic trick, the rubber band mysteriously gets shifted from your little finger and ring finger, to the first and middle finger of the same hand and back again. You can use a normal rubber band or a hair band. To begin hold your hand up and wrap the rubber band around your little and ring finger. Make sure the rubber band is right at the base of the fingers, as the back of your hand faces the audience. With the other hand, stretch the rubber band and fold your first, little, ring and middle finger into the loop. Rest your fingers properly in the loop by folding them against your palm. Now quickly, open your palm, removing the little and ring finger first, so that the rubber band jumps to the other two fingers. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to master this rubber band magic trick.

Double Jumping Rubber Bands
This is a variation of the earlier mentioned trick. To do one of these interesting rubber band tricks, you will need two rubber bands of different colors. Once again you can use hair bands too. Hold up your palm with the back of the palm facing the audience. Wrap one rubber band around your little and ring finger and the other band around your middle and first finger. Make sure the rubber bands are resting at the base of your fingers. With your other finger, stretch the rubber band looped in your first and middle finger towards the other two fingers. Through the loop, get the second rubber band and stretch it. Place all the fingers in the loop. If you are performed the trick correctly, all the fingers will be trapped in two loops, but will look as one. Now quickly open your hands and see the rubber bands interchange themselves.

Revised Version

To make this trick work, you will need two rubber bands of different colors. Hold up your palm, with its back facing the audience. Wrap the rubber band around your little finger and the ring finger and push it down to the base. Loop the second rubber band on top of your little finger. Keep looping (twisting) the second rubber and to loop the rest of the fingers, except the thumb. Now you have one rubber band in your little and ring finger and the other looped around all the other fingers. Set up the jumping rubber band, as mentioned in the first trick. Now once you open your palm, the rubber band would have jumped to the other two fingers!

So, these were some of the rubber band magic tricks. I hope, this article has made learning magic easy and interesting. Lastly, I would like to disclose the secret ingredient of magic, which is, never to tell your secrets to any muggle. Good luck!

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