Keeping Focused in the Creative, Entertainment and Media Industry

Being successful in the creative, entertainment and media industry is no longer as simple as getting a job and climbing the career ladder of your choice.

As an actor, a musician, a writer, a producer, a director, an editor, a cameraman, a designer, a make up or costume designer, a production manager, a programme maker or an administrator or a manager, you now have to think outside the box and be flexible and open to opportunities.

It now requires more than just the professional skills and qualifications you've acquired, and even those need updating regularly as technology progresses at a rapid rate. You have to manage your own mindset, stay focused, network, build and maintain contacts and chase work - you have to be a business and do your own PR and marketing. At times, this can be frustrating, disheartening, stressful and exhausting.

Tips for keeping focused when you're looking for work

    Maintain a routine from Monday to Friday
    Get up at the same time each day - it doesn't have to be the crack of dawn! And go to bed at the same time each day.
    Set yourself tasks for the day - job search on websites, sending emails to contacts, sending out CVs, applying for jobs and phone calls. Make a list or a chart and tick off when they're done.
    Use a time management tool - something as simple as a list or a chart. Use a grid to help you prioritize what you need to do - eg: what's important/not important and urgent/not urgent.
    Keep a day book - on one page write out what you have to do and on the opposite page make notes, so you easily go back and check what the outcome of a call or email was.
    Keep a list of who you've contacted and when to follow up. Note in your diary or set an alert on your phone for when to follow them up.
    Use social media - Facebook, Twitter and Linked In - to find out what's going on and who's doing what.
    Give yourself a treat when you've finished your tasks- maybe go to the gym, go for a swim, watch a movie, bake a cake, paint your nails, have a soak in the bath or phone your best friend.
    Exercise is a great way to help you remain positive as exercising releases positive endorphins. Why not train for a 5k or 10k race, so you have something else to focus on not just your job hunting.
    Learn something new while you're not working. It will keep your brain active, give you something else to think about and help you stay positive. And, you may learn something new which could become another skill which can help you to earn money.

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